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Annual Children’s Halloween Parade

JHBG presents the largest children’s parade in New York City. All are welcome!

Young, old or in between. We march, skip, dance, and stroll down 37th Avenue from 89th to 76th Streets where more than 3,000 bags of treats are handed out to each year to participants.

The success of the parade is thanks to our neighborhood volunteers who help make this great event happen, as well as the many local businesses for their generous financial and in-kind donations.

Each year we need volunteers to help stuff the goodie bags (usually the day before) and to give them out at the parade. Volunteers need to sign up in advance. All volunteers who help with stuffing the goodie bags are treated with refreshments, and all of them are invited to a thank-you party the night of the parade.

Interested in volunteering? Contact us at

If you’re interested in volunteering contact us at