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Fall Gardening Schedule for JHBG

Fall 2018 Schedule:

We work every Saturday from 10 AM to 1 PM at different areas around Jackson Heights until Thanksgiving.  We provide the tools, gloves, water and plants.  You just show up and make the neighborhood look better.

September 1 – BQE – 69th Street at 35th Ave.

8 – Leverich Cemetery – 72nd St. & 35th Ave.

15 – IS 145 – 34th Ave. & 79th St.

22 – BQE – 69th Street at 35th Ave.

29 – PS 280 – 35th Ave. & 94th St.

October        6 – BQE – 69th Street at 35th Ave.

13 – PS 149 – 34th Ave. & 93th St.

20 – IS 145 — 34th Ave. & 79th St.

27 – Leverich Cemetery – 72nd St. & 35th Ave.

     Wednesday 31 – Halloween Parade 5 PM on 37th Ave. at 89th St.

November   3 – PS 148 — 32nd Ave. & 89th St.

10 – PS 92 — 34th Ave. & 99th St.

17 – BQE — 69th St. & 35th Ave.

We are gardeners so we work rain or shine.

Spring Planning Breakfast:

Each spring we hold a planning breakfast where people eat pancakes and propose gardening spots to work on.  Once the schedule is set, we have a group of about 10 – 30 people who meet each Saturday morning from about 10 AM to 1 PM.  Jackson Heights Beautification Group supplies the plants,  tools, gloves, and water.


Street Trees along 37th Avenue

Jackson Heights Beautification Group volunteers also plant and water many of the street trees along 37th Avenue.  A dedicated team of volunteers have been installing tree guards around new trees and planting tree gardens around the trees.  The life of a street tree is difficult and we need to work to keep these trees healthy.  We have removed the paving stones around most trees so the roots can have access to more air and water.  We break up compacted dirt and add mulch all in an effort to keep these trees healthy.  Some street trees, have a garden planted around them.