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JHBG is co-sponsoring Women’s Ride Queens Boulevard

JHBG is co-sponsoring this 7-mile ride along Queens Boulevard from Queensbridge Park Greenway to Queens Borough Hall.  You don’t have to own a bike to participate as Citibike will have bikes available, so riders can pick up a bike at 21st Street and drop it off at Queens Borough Hall.

When:     Sunday, March 25th

Where:    Start at Queensbridge Park Greenway (alongside the Queensboro Bridge at 21st Street) at 11 AM

End at Women’s Plaza outside of Queens Borough Hall.

The ride is free, but sign up at:

The ride begins at the Queensbridge Park Greenway (alongside the Queensboro Bridge, near 21st Street) at 11 a.m. The route is 7-miles long, from Queens Plaza to Queens Borough Hall. The ride will culminate with a brief rally at the newly-rededicated Women’s Plaza outside of Queens Borough Hall.

The new protected bike lanes on Queens Boulevard were installed as part of a successful Vision Zero redesign. While Queens Boulevard was once known as the “Boulevard of Death,” the upgraded portions have not seen a fatality for three years. The boulevard is iconic, a neighborhood centerpiece, and now a model for streets throughout the city. The bike lane encourages more residents, to ride between the places they live, work, commute, eat, shop, and enjoy the outdoors.

The ride has an official permit and is free to the public, but all participants must RSVP here.

Mission Statement:

The ride is to celebrate the women and girls who bike in Queens, New York City, and throughout the world. The goal is to encourage more to join.

As we make our roads and streets safer for cyclists, female ridership increases. We demand more protected bike lanes, greenways and infrastructure to protect us and help close the gender gap in cycling.

We remember those that have lost their lives cycling throughout the City of New York. We honor their legacy and support their families in demanding safer streets to prevent additional fatalities.

We are committed to a sustainable future, and aim to promote cycling, as a clean transportation option which positively impacts our health and communities. This event will be zero-waste to complement this mission.