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Street Tree Brunch

To prepare for Spring and to celebrate the accomplishments along 37th Avenue there will be a brunch on Sunday, March 18 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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JHBG’s Tree LC is part of NYC Parks Department’s citywide Tree LC program that cares for city street trees.
In Jackson Heights we’ve expanded this city-neighborhood program, to also create curbside street-tree gardens along 37th Avenue, from 73rd to 87th Streets) and also on 75th Street.
We do this by installing tree guards around street-tree pits and planting them with flowering perennials, ground cover and occasional small shrubs to create lush green gardens on JH’s main shopping street.
What’s more, this year we will be caring for the new garden being created at the Jackson Heights Post Office on 37th Avenue.
This is going to be a special year. Be part of it.
Tree LC is one of two greening programs JHBG operates. Some people ask why two? 
Answer: We’ve got lots to green in Jackson Heights.