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JHBG Volunteers Transform JH


From April to Thanksgiving the Jackson Heights Beautification Group volunteers do projects around Jackson Heights.  We need your help to make the community bloom!

We have a planting schedule in the spring and the fall and during the summer we work to maintain our 16 different spaces:

1) 64th and Northern (farm on other side of BQE) – newest space
2) 69th and Northern (sun flowers by the gas station entrance ramp)
3) 69th Street and 34th Ave. (farm on hill by BQE)
4) 69th Street and 35th Ave. (composting and storage location)
5) 69th Street between 37 & 35th Ave. (garden by rail road track)
6) 69th Street and 37th Ave. (tulip garden)
7) Leverich Cemetery (35th Ave. and 71st St.)
8) IS 230 (34th Ave. and 73rd St.)
9) IS 145 (34th Ave. and 79th St.)
10) PS 69 (37th Ave. and 77th St.)
11) Post Office (37th Ave. and 79th St.)
12) Street Trees along 37th Ave.
13) PS 280 (35th Ave. and 93rd St.)
14) PS 149 (34th Ave. and 94th St.)
15) Food Bazaar (34th Avenue and Junction Blvd)
16) PS 92 (34th Ave. and 99th Street) – closed due to construction

We hope to add planters at the 90th Street triangle soon.

Each spring we hold a planning breakfast where people eat pancakes and propose gardening spots to work on.  Once the schedule is set, we have a group of about 10 – 30 people who meet each Saturday morning from about 10 AM to 1 PM.  Jackson Heights Beautification Group supplies the plants,  tools, gloves, and water.  Our fabulous volunteers supply the creativity, sweat and love.