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Help JHBG get it done – Please donate

For 28 years JHBG has been making Jackson Heights a greener and friendlier place to live, a small town in the big city, as we like to say.

We hope you will help us continue to do this in the new year by participating in our special year-end membership drive. (How special? We don’t remember ever doing this.)

Before JHBG began, Jackson Heights was a very different place; it was a fast fading neighborhood, rampant with drugs, crime and graffiti. Historic homes were being demolished and replaced with ugly new buildings designed to maximize profit. Our one public open space, Travers Park, was decrepit and dangerous, needing parents to sweep away broken bottles, dog droppings and drug paraphernalia before their kids could play. There was very little uniting our diverse community other than our zip code.

How did we help change Jackson Heights? Just check out the long list of our projects on this poster created for our 25th anniversary. We hope you will agree that our all-volunteer organization is worth supporting.

How can you help? 1. Donate to JHBG. Our membership costs only $25, a figure that has not changed in at least 20 years, and works out to only 7 cents a day. You can’t buy much for that, but you can contribute to  better neighborhood. Of course you could donate more. Do so before the end of the year and get a tax deduction on your 2016 taxes. 2. Volunteer for anyone of our many activities. Not only will you do good, but you will feel good about yourself and your neighborhood, and you just might make some new friends.