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JHSCRAPS and Friends of Travers Park celebrated Mulchfest

Mulchfest 2013 at Travers Park was a big success!

JHSCRAPS and Friends of Travers Park (committees of the Jackson Heights Beautification Group) collected around 400 trees and many wreaths. For the first time ever, all of the mulch in the truck went to JHSCRAPS community composting site where it will break down further into good landscaping material. Volunteers helped shovel the chips from the Mulchfest truck into a holding area at the JHSCRAPS site.

In the spring, this mulch will be distributed to local green areas in the neighborhood. A number of tree donors also took home bags of chipped trees for their personal garden projects.

Thanks to everyone who participated by bringing their trees to Mulchfest and in making Jackson Heights a greener, healthier place to live.