The Jackson Heights Beautification Group's mission is to preserve, restore, revitalize and maintain the community of Jackson Heights.
Fall 2014 Gardening Schedule-10/25/14   Saturday– From 37Th  to 34th Ave. and 69th St. – clean out

Fall 2014 Gardening Schedule-10/25/14 Saturday– From 37Th to 34th Ave. and 69th St. – clean out

  JHBG Fall 2014 Gardening Schedule Volunteer from 10 AM – 1 PM every Saturday this fall until Thanksgiving! 10/25/14   Saturday– From 37Th  to 34th Ave. and 69th St. – clean out Meet us on 35Th ave and 69Th (Composting Center) With the cooperation of NYS Department of Transportation, we are expanding our green zone...
Jackson Heights Children’s Halloween Parade, October 31, 2014

Jackson Heights Children’s Halloween Parade, October 31, 2014

The largest children’s parade held on Halloween in New York City is organized by the Jackson Heights Beautification Group. The 24th Annual Children’s Halloween Parade kicks off on Friday, October 31st at 5 pm on 89th Street along 37th Avenue . Participants line up at 4:30 pm. Over 3,000 bags of Halloween goodies are distributed at the end of the parade. Do you...

Bring your food scraps & compost them at JH Scraps on Saturdays

Take a walk over to visit your local community composting center this Fall and see how Jackson Heights is working with sustainability in our community.    Location: 69th St. & 35th Ave under the BQE Hours: Saturdays 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. We welcome students looking for community service opportunities. Bring your organic materials to us to turn in...

Tree Guards

 JHBG is protecting our trees!!! We’ve gotten five tree guards installed on 37th Avenue near 79th Street, and a similar number on 37th near 87th Street. Congrats and thank you to board member Nuala O’Doherty who shepherded this project. as per Len Maniace    

Jackson Heights Orchestra Concert in Travers Park

Jackson Heights Orchestra Sunday July 6 at 3:30PM First outdoors concert Travers Park it was awesome thanks

A Jackson Heights fire and its aftermath

JHBG President’s Message, Len Maniace It was a spring Sunday morning a few months after my wife and I had moved to Jackson Heights. We awoke to a smell like a soggy campfire – and a neighborhood trauma. A building in the center of the neighborhood’s commercial district was burning down. Lost was a one-story...

Both sides of the BID-expansion controversy

The 82nd Street Partnership would under go a huge expansion under a plan now being considered. The Business Improvement District (BID) would increase its size many times over, stretching along Roosevelt Avenue from 82nd Street to 104th Street and include a segment on Junction Boulevard up to 35th Avenue. Not everyone thinks the expansion is...
2014 Jackson Heights Arts Festival

2014 Jackson Heights Arts Festival

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Beatriz Gil – (917)612-4756 – Nitin Mukul – (917) 251-0354 – Friends of Diversity Plaza Jackson Heights Arts Festival 2014: Summer Solstice Celebration Saturday, June 21st 2014 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. Diversity Plaza / 37th Road Pedestrian Plaza (between 73rd Street & 74th Street) Jackson Heights, Queens The...

Turning an asphalt play yard into a green park

By Len Maniace Though some details differ, a consensus seems to be forming around a new and improved Travers Park, one that’s contains significantly more green space, room for performances and the Green Market, as well as athletic fields. Jackson Heights residents filled the Garden School gym on March 18 for the second visioning session...

“Green Infrastructure” help for Jackson Heights businesses and residences

By Len Maniace Grants are available to property owners in Jackson Heights to install green roofs, rain gardens and other measures designed to make New York City a greener place. The grants are part of the Green Infrastructure program of the NYC’s Department of Environmental Protection that covers much of the city. Though the green...
Jackson Heights Historic Weekend

Jackson Heights Historic Weekend

Download here: 2014 Historic Weekend Flyer.
Jackson Heights Orchestra: A (Much Needed) Spring Celebration

Jackson Heights Orchestra: A (Much Needed) Spring Celebration