Tree LC Gardening Crew

The weather’s just warming up but JHBG’s gardeners have been busy for months. The Tree LC team has been pruning trees since the fall, first on 37th Avenue and more recently along 34th Avenue and some nearby streets.

On March’s last Saturday, 14 volunteers – the most since Covid – pruned street trees and those on the 34th Avenue median, as well as picked up months’ litter from 69th to 77th Streets.

We’re off to a great start this year; we already rank third of all tree stewardship efforts in NYC, our ranking in 2019. The two ahead of us are professionally led, city-wide organizations. (


A big thank you to the volunteers who’ve made this possible: Kathy Smith; Iris Lentjes; Bill Bruno; Yu Li; Sheela, Umed and Anand Maru; Meredith and Eilean Faltin; Anne Volk, Felicia Simon, Randy Minor, Marco Arias, Sarah Balistreri, Eduardo Llinás Meseguer; Nick Katz; Daniel Rodriguez, and Len Maniace.

JHBG’s Tree LC plans to expand its work in the coming year, tending to not only 37th Avenue as we have for many years, but also continuing on the 34th Avenue medians. We’ve added 34th Avenue for two reasons: Now that we can walk alongside the medians, where to many trees have died, it’s clear just how neglected the area is.  Second, and most exciting, after many years of requests from JHBG and others, NYC Parks’ has reversed its long-time policy of not replanting trees in the 34th Avenue and 75th Street medians. Parks has said they want to partner with us to help maintain them. 

Still to complete on 34th Avenue is a stretch from 88th Street to Junction Boulevard, which we plan to hit in early April – before we create five new tree gardens on new 37th Avenue. Those new gardens are the results of a first for JBHG – we hired a contractor to plant five street trees – as well as the installation of three new tree guards. 

We will be back to 34th Ave. In fact we hope to have teams working on both avenues. So if you are interested in turning Jackson Heights into the greenest, most environmentally resilient neighborhood in New York City, write me at, with Trees in the subject line. It’s fun and a great way to make new friends.