Garden Club

The JHBG Garden Club—the award-winning #1 garden club in Queens—needs your help to make the community bloom!

Some of our programs are:

  • Adopt a Tree: You may have noticed that trees along 37th Avenue have little signs identifying them as having been adopted. If you want to adopt a tree, we will supply flowers and soil at no cost to you—all you have to do is keep the tree clean and water it. This has turned out to be a wonderfully successful program. Thanks to all who have made it so!
  • Flower Planting: More trees than ever before have flowers surrounding them—again, thanks to the efforts of many dedicated volunteers.
  • Monthly Meetings: The Garden Club generally meets the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 P.M., at the Community United Methodist Church (35th Avenue between 81st and 82nd Streets). Past speakers have included representatives from the Queens Botanical Gardens and other experts. Come check out the presentation and meet fellow gardeners.

 Suggestions for our monthly meetings are welcome, as are suggestions for ways to support the continuing effort to bring more flowers, trees, and gardens to all of Jackson Heights.

We are the winners of the Mollie Parnis “Dress Up Your Neighborhood” Award from Citizens for NYC, as well as the “Neighborhood Environmental Action Program” Award.

We welcome newcomers and old friends, from complete beginners to skilled horticulturalists, and we hope you join us as we help make Jackson Heights a truly beautiful “garden community.


Graffiti Busters

The JHBG graffiti busters keep graffiti at bay in Jackson Heights. We aim to clean two or three spots for every new attack. Quick clean-up is the best way to discourage further attacks.

 Cleaned areas range all throughout the neighborhood, from Leverich to the 90s, from Roosevelt to Northern. The graffiti busting work is all volunteer. The warm thanks received from so many neighbors make this very rewarding work. JHBG makes significant efforts to keep Jackson Heights as free from graffiti as possible. Once a spot is cleaned, it usually stays clean for a year or longer.

 To get rid of graffiti, you have three options:

1. Clean it yourself. If the graffiti is on a painted surface, it’s inexpensive and quick to paint over it. You can even get free paint from the city (call 311). Graffiti cleaning materials are available from most hardware stores.

2. Ask for help from the JHBG. The JHBG Graffiti Busters clean over 100 spots every year. Generally we focus on cleaning bricks, using a power washer. One way or another, though, we’ll try to help. Contact us to request help.

3. Ask to be put on the city’s graffiti cleaning list by calling 311. Our experiences with the city’s efforts have not been great in the past. You must be the property owner to get on the list, and it takes quite some time. Building owners also can petition the city to remove the graffiti free of charge.


Clean Streets

JHBG’s Clean Streets Campaign organizes monthly clean-ups along 37th Avenue, making our neighborhood a cleaner and more pleasant place to live. By putting words into action, we send a clear message—we want a cleaner Jackson Heights and we are willing to do our part.

While cleaning the streets may offer only a temporary improvement, the long-term goal is to raise awareness and empower us all to make the community cleaner. Our elected officials have joined us by securing funds, advocating on our behalf to get our fair share of government services, and raising the standards. In the three years since the community clean-ups began, we have raised the bar of expectations, and our neighborhood is on the path to being cleaner.

We need more volunteers to make an even more impressive impact. Dirty streets and overflowing trashcans frustrate all of us.


69th Street Corridor

A Tree Grows Along Northern Blvd.