From April to Thanksgiving the Jackson Heights Beautification Group volunteers do projects around Jackson Heights.  We need your help to make the community bloom!

SpringPlaning (2)

April 8, 2017 from 10 AM – 1 PM

Leverich Cemetery – will be our first project of 2017.  We will work to get rain barrels installed and set up the garden.  Everyone is welcome to join us.

 The event will help continue to restore the Leverich Cemetery on 35th Avenue.


This small family burial ground, hidden behind homes and businesses along Leverich St and 35th Ave, in Jackson Heights, Queens, is all that remains of the colonial homestead established by Caleb Leverich in the 17th century, in what was then the Trains Meadow section of old Newtown, Long Island.  Caleb was the son of English minister William Leverich, who immigrated to America in 1633.  The Leveriches became a prominent Newtown family and their old homestead, originally built by Caleb in 1670, stood nearby the burial ground until it burned down in 1909.

When the cemetery was first used is unknown.  Nineteenth-century historian James Riker recorded the 33 headstones that were present in the cemetery in 1842; the earliest was that of Caleb’s grandson John Leverich, who died in 1780.  The cemetery appears to have fallen out of use during the mid-1800s, around which time the Leverich homestead seems to have passed out of the family. Although the cemetery was abandoned as family members moved out of the area, the plot was excluded from the development that sprung up around it in the early 20th century.

City property records still identify the site as the Leverich Family Burial Ground, but there is nothing left to distinguish it as such.  All of the headstones have disappeared, there are no signs identifying it as a burial ground, and the site is tangled with brush and debris and strewn with rubbish. The cemetery has not been completely forgotten, however; many of the surrounding business- and homeowners know that the site is an old graveyard and some have attempted to clean up and protect the area.  When I visited the site in October 2010, the owner of one of the adjacent homes said that he and other neighbors had some of the debris hauled off and that they had installed the gate at the site’s entrance, which is in an alley behind neighboring businesses.  A neighborhood woman holds the key to the gate, and comes each day to feed the cats that seek shelter there. A family descendant, Tom Leverich, has researched and written about the burial ground, and local preservationists and community groups have also expressed concern for the site and an interest in preserving it.

The Leverich burial ground and family home on old Trains Meadow Road in the 19th century (Beers 1873)


Each Spring we hold a planning breakfast to set the gardening agenda for the season.  We invite everyone to come forward with their gardening projects.  The group then descends on that block on the predetermined Saturday to complete the project.  JHBG provides the gloves, tools, dirt, mulch and plants.  You provide the labor.  Yes, you can live in a small apartment and still garden every weekend without having to keep a shovel in your apartment.

Some of our programs are:

  • Working with street trees along 37th Avenue
  • Maintaining the garden in front of the 37th Avenue Post Office
  • Cleaning and greening along 69th Sreet from 37th Avenue to Northern Blvd.
  • Started and maintain the garden by the Food Bazaar on 34th Avenue and Junction Blvd.
  • Working with local schools including
    • PS 69
    • IS 230
    • IS 145
    • PS 280
    • PS 149
    • PS 92
  • We have worked Web_Sum11x17with New York Restoraiton Project giving away free trees.



Yes, a tree spring tree giveaway season

Yes, a tree
spring tree giveaway season

Adopt a Tree: You may have noticed that trees along 37th Avenue have little signs identifying them as having been adopted. If you want to adopt a tree, we will supply flowers—all you have to do is keep the tree clean and watered. This has turned out to be a wonderfully successful program. Thanks to all who have made it so!  Each year we loosen the dirt around many street trees.  We remove bricks and add mulch.


Rafael Rodriguez is our full time gardening volunteer.  He has planted thousands of daffodil and tulip bulbs around Jackson Heights.  He has been working on improving the area along the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.


Clean Streets

Tree workshop along 37th Avenue 88th to Junction Blvd